Servo DS 3230 DS3230 30KG TANPA Horn Alu Waterproof for HSP RGT AXIAL

Servo DS 3230 DS3230 30KG TANPA Horn Alu Waterproof for HSP RGT AXIAL
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Product description

Large torque - maximum torque can up to (6.8V)
High-precision metal gear with hard anodizing for better accuracy and longer service life
CNC aluminium middle shell enhances heat dissipation and ensures the servo motor can work well
Water proof rubber seals screws, made of first-grade material ensure the longevity of the products
Good performance digital standard servo, which can be a common use for robots, mechanical arms, climbing cars and remote control toys
Great choice for university professors and students who are interested in developing software for robot parts
Tailored for RC hobbyist to provide different experience and delight

Brand: LJWRC
Item: DSSERVO DS3230 Digital Servo

Apply Environmental Conditon:
1.Storage Temperature Range:-30°C~80°C
2.Operating Temperature Range:-25°C~70°C

Mechanical Specification:
1. Size: 40.0*20.5*40.5mm
2. Weight: 58g±2g
3. Limit angle: 360 degree
4.Bearing: 2BB
5.Case : Engineering plastics+Aluminum alloy
6.Connector wire: 320mm±5mm
7.Motor: Carbon brush motor

Electrical Specification:
Working voltage range: 4.8 - 6.8V
Operating speed ( 5.0V ): 0.2 sec/60 degree
Operating speed ( 6.8V ): 0.17 sec/60 degree
Stall torque ( 5.0V ): 29.5kg/cm
Stall torque ( 6.8V ):34.5kg/cm
Command signal: Pulse width modification
Amplifier type: Digital controller
Pulse width range: 500~2500usec
Neutral position: 1500usec
Running degree: 180±3°(PWM 500~2500usec)
Dead band width: 3 usec
Working frequency: 50-333Hz
Connector wire: About 300mm
Gear type: Metal
Rotating direction Counterclockwise: (when 1000~2000usec)

Package Included:
1 x 30KG Digital Servo

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*Resi Diinput H+1 Dari Pengiriman
*Membeli Berarti Sudah Paham Dengan Ketentuan Lapak Kami


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